Alina Boz reveals her priority: “Career comes first”

Alina Boz, one of the most beloved actresses of the followers of the series, who remains unforgettable with the character of Azra, as the protagonist of the series “Elimi Birakma”, recently attracted a lot of attention with her elegant appearance but also her sincere statement, she played in the serial “Elimi Birakma” which was very successful, the episodes were long 2 hours, due to successfulness.

The actress recently appeared for viewers on a digital platform in one of the projects where her performance was massively praised and during the interview she talked about this new success.

She showed that the project combined between the comedy-drama-romance-family genres, had included her completely because of the age that suited her character’s experiences quite well, she did really a good job.

Asked if after the great success of this project, she was preparing for the next step, Boz answered that she was not considering any concrete project, but her desire was to become part of a production where the script and the team fit her character artistic, “After all these are my main criteria”, were her words regarding the immediate goals.

Mentioning the holidays, she said that the coast always remains her first choice, as along with relaxation is listed the passion she nurtures for water sports, she does love that!

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