Love bomb of the year: Kaan Yildirim and Hande Ercel started dating

Lastly, actor Kaan Yıldırım , who lately had a love story with the famous singer Hadise, and his colleague Hande Erçel had fun until the morning at a venue last night. The duo, who left the venue together and drove away in the same vehicle,and left questions about their private lives unanswered.

The claim that the couple of Hande Erçel and Kaan Yıldırım, who have made a name for themselves with their success in the TV series, have fallen into love fell like a bomb for all fans, which is unexpected at all!

The images of the duo, who had fun in a place until the morning, left their mark on social media.


According to the news of Page 2 broadcast on TV8 screens, Kaan Yıldırım, who was recently in a relationship with singer Hadise and whose happiness was short-lived, fell in love with his colleague Hande Erçel.

Erçel and Yıldırım, whose names are mentioned by many people after breaking up with Kerem Bürsin, had fun until the morning at an entertainment venue.

The couple, who left the venue together and got into the same vehicle, left the questions of the press unanswered. While entering the site where Yıldırım’s house is, the duo was caught in the lenses.

Kaan Yıldırım and Hande Erçel had previously acted together in the series Halka, a very successful serial, which was broadcast on TRT 1 screens.

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