Kivanc Tatlitug talks about fatherhood: “I am growing up as a parent”

Actor Kivanç Tatlıtug, who recently became a father for the first time, spoke in a recent interview about increasing responsibility as a father, along with raising his son, he really gave a big speech

The actor showed that he is already used to this new sense of privileges and responsibilities that fatherhood gives you and confessed that he now understands better how difficult the role of being a parent is, and appreciates it more likely.

“Basak and I now know how important it is to be present in a child’s life, parenting has made us very sensitive. Kurt Efe is teaching us a new experience, where we discover something unknown every day and ‘grow up’ as parents along with raising the child” he said, that’s really beautiful to hear from him.

The actor admitted that now everything in his life had become more meaningful, enjoyable, and cherished, thanks to god.

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