After Hande Erçel also Kaan Yildirim reacts “Whatever Hande says is true”

Famous actor Kaan Yildirim has started the holiday season and comedian Cem Yılmaz and actor Uraz Kaygılaroglu have been with him in this beginning-holiday season, quite interesting!

After returning to Istanbul, the actor gave his statement right after Ercel’s shocking words last week, where he stated that there was only good friendship between her and Kan and nothing beyond that but something ‘smells’ between them. Both of them played in Halka, which was a big success

Although there was a lot of talk about them, from a sudden born romance, a possible betrayal by Yildirim to a quick separation, after Erçel, the actor also reacted with the words: “We left the crowds to not be seen, to avoid fabricated news, but our images are everywhere, he stated.

There was no romance, there was no betrayal, we are just good friends they stated. Regarding Ercel’s latest statement, he reacted by saying that whatever Hande says is true, and supported her argument that the only connection that exists between them is the friendly one and maybe in the future even professional, what remains to be seen, may unfold in near future, let’s see how things will turn out!

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