Demet and Oguzhan guests really beautiful at their wedding!

They were talked about more than the bride! It’s not a wedding, it’s a fashion show, quite a great show, they look really generous!

While the legendary wedding of Oguzhan Koç and Demet Özdemir took place this evening, the guests left their mark on the social media, quite a huge number of comments!

The couple, who crowned their long-term relationship with marriage, got married after simple April ceremonies.

The first images from the wedding, which is on the agenda of social media, continue to be shared on the internet, tons of people shared it!

While Demet Özdemir’s wedding dress, which was likened to “Halı Kaymaz”, left its mark on the day, the guests competed with each other in elegance.

The beauty of the famous female guests who said, “They came to the fashion show, not the wedding,” burned down the social media. Here are those frames, they were a lot of them!

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