Ebru Şahin and Cedi Osman enjoy their honeymoon

The newly married couple, Ebru Sahin and Cedi Osman, are enjoying their honeymoon, which, like their wedding, seems to last! Ebru who played the “Destan’ is very happy with this marriage!

The famous duo are another couple who preferred to cool off in the waters of Cesme, the place where their love started and where they preferred to spend most of the summer months. The actress has changed her last name and account on Instagram in recent days, which is beautiful.

The star of the series, among them the one with the title “Hercai” where she acted as the protagonist, as well as in the series “Istanbullu Gelin”, where she gave life to the character of Burcu, in real life she looks happier than ever, looks like she appreciates everything around her!

In the photos where she appears resting with her husband and also in the video where she dances in a swimsuit in the arms of the famous basketball player of the ‘Cleveland Cavaliers’.

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