What happened between Murat Boz and Damla Sonmez brought Asli Enver to mind!

The events between the beautiful actress Damla Sönmez and Murat Boz, who were guests of the O Ses Turkey New Year’s Special program broadcast on TV8, brought Aslı Enver to mind. Murat Boz and Aslı Enver’s love started in very O Ses, this cherisheed the public.

Actress Damla Sönmez, who was a guest of the O Ses Turkey New Year’s Special program broadcast on TV8, sang the song called Başım Gelenler which means “What happened to me”.

Sonmez, who showed that she was successful in singing as well as acting, managed to turn all four jury members.

Speaking after Damla Sönmez’s performance, Murat Boz took the stage and made a duet with the actress. Many social media users also drew attention to the fact that Boz had a similar incident with Aslı Enver on the same program years ago.

The harmony of the duo, who danced together and sang the song, attracted attention both in the studio and on social media.

While it was said that Murat Boz was influenced by the beautiful actress Damla Sönmez when they sang together on social media, Boz’s gaze did not go unnoticed.

The energy that spilled out of the screens between these looks and the duo reminded the fact that Murat Boz and his former lover Aslı Enver started to fall in love after they sang together on the O Ses Türkiye New Year’s program, maybe they’re back 😉 ? who knows 🙂

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