Ayça Aysin Turan made a confession about her unrelenting pain

Famous actress Ayca Aysin Turan was on the screen last season with the Ada Masali (Island Tale) series, that became a big serial. The actress, who is in the process of evaluating the proposals for the new project, is also waiting for the comedy-heavy feature film Sen Inandir to be released.

The actress recently participated in the program called Empathy, presented by Ahmet Mumtaz Taylan on the NTV screen. The actress became the agenda with the statements she made in this program. In the last 1 year period, the actress, who came to the agenda with her partner Alp Navruz in the Ada Masali series, took place in the tabloid media with the news of separation last month.

The famous actress’s words about the trace her father’s death left on her in the program also attracted a lot of attention. In the last 1 year, the actress, who has been on the agenda with Alp Navruz with love, smiling and drawing a happy image, announced for the first time that she is actually storming inside.

The actress, who started playing the violin at the age of 7 and stated that it was clear from those days that she would have a life full of art, also drew attention by saying that she would risk everything for her loved ones.

“How was your relationship with your father, did your outlook on life change after losing him?” The question caused the famous actress to leave herself. Ayca Aysin Turan, who shed tears, stated that she had a very good relationship with her father and said:

“We had a very good relationship with my father. I felt that my childhood was over with the death of my father. For the past year, I’ve been laughing outside but crying inside.”

With these words, the actress stated that she actually yearned for her father, but could not get rid of the effect of her absence, and made an important confession.

Stating that she wanted to be a mother and also wanted to adopt, the actress said, “I think you can’t become a mother just by giving birth.”, and didn’t go further…

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