Can Yaman’s popularity made a difference to Alp Navruz

Both of them are very popular stars of the series. Can Yaman has been in Italy for a long time and has made a name for himself with different projects in this country. He went to Italy after he played in the TV series Bay Yanlış (Mr. Wrong).

The actor, who did not return to Turkey for a long time after his serial agreement.

It has been known for a while that Can Yaman will play in the TV series El Turco, which will be shot for the digital platform. Can Yaman continued to meet with his followers on social media, even in Italy. The actor, who has a considerable fan base in Turkey, has also increased the number of foreign fans after the Erkenci Kuş (Early Bird) series!

Although Can Yaman has not taken part in a TV series in Turkey for a long time, he has not fallen from the agenda of social media! The fact that the player was the subject of 279 thousand 600 shares throughout October is a great success!

In the social media research conducted by Somera for October, another name to rival Can Yaman in popularity, Alp Navruz, was the subject of 279,100 social media posts.

Navruz is coming to the screens with the series “Yurek Cikmazi” (Heartache), which is currently broadcast on TRT1.

Alp Navruz started to come to the agenda of social media before the series even started. With his strong performance in the first episode, the shares about the actor increased in the last week of October, and it is going up.

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